Saturday, March 3, 2012

Work Boxes

This year I was a bit frustrated by my older two girls asking questions like "how much more schoolwork do we have?" etc.  So, as I was browsing around the blog world I came across the blog of Confessions of a Homeschooler and was intrigued by the Work Box System that they use in their homeschool.  This system idea was new to me and it sounded awesome.  Apparently, the system was first started by a woman named Sue Patrick.  So, I read up more on how other people make it work in their homeschools and was then convinced that it would also work well for my girls.

So, that weekend I ran to Costco and got four 10-drawer towers (they were each about $35).  Made my drawer numbers and other labels and got the system set-up.  Here is a picture of our work boxes.  The girls organized the drawers in the color order of their choice.

The numbers are put on the drawers with velcro dots, so as they complete the work in each drawer they move them to a chart and they know when the numbers are all gone they are done with their work.  They actually really love this system and are very excited to see what is in each drawer for school in the morning.  I usually put a snack in each girls' drawer about half way down, so then it gives them a little break.  We do most of the work in the mornings when we can, but sometimes there is work to finish after lunch when Kate (2) is napping.  We also do some of our group activities in the afternoon, especially if it is something that Kate isn't old enough to be involved with at some level.  If necessary, I include a sticky note in the drawer that says "work with mom" and then they know to work with me for that task.  I am always in the school room with them during school time and answer questions and help when needed.

We have been using this system for about two weeks now, so as we keep using it I will update with how it continues to work for us (or any potential problems).


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  1. I love it! We are just in kindergarten so organizing hasn't been an issue but I can quickly see that changing as I plan for fall.