Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: A Fun Week With Dinosaurs

This week we have been working on our dinosaur mini-unit study.  We have had so much fun this week.  There has been a lot of great learning and because the girls were having so much fun they didn't even realize how much they were learning.  I learned so much too.  I am sure that I never learned this much about dinosaurs when I was in grade school.  They are just fascinating creatures and it is sometimes hard to believe that they really walked the earth.

Here are some of the activities we did this week:

 This is a photo from Monday when I first brought out our "dinosaur habitat" aka sensory tub.  They girls were so excited to check out all the items inside.

 Dinosaurs - ROAR!

 This is Eva and Kate with their completed dinosaur unit study binder covers.
Could Kate look any cuter?  And, I just have to note, if you look out the window we still have green grass in March and we live near Toronto, Canada!

 It was at Eva's enthusiastic request that I put together our dinosaur mini-unit study.  She is thrilled that we are working on her idea!

 Kate was sure that her dinosaur wanted to eat a (play) donut for breakfast.  Funny!

 All the girls with their unit study binders.
Pictured from left to right: Eva (5), Abby (8), Kate (2) and Clare (6)

 Working on their homemade dinosaur books.  We used Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set and the template for the dinosaur book came from Learning Page.  They made dinosaur scenes and then stamped in the dinosaurs.  The older girls also had to write the dinosaur names and some facts about each dinosaur.  Then we also added in some dinosaur stickers just for fun.

 Kate (2) with her completed dino book.  She was so proud.  She is still her her pajamas...I guess that is one of the benefits of homeschooling!

 Clare - working hard!

 Eva with her completed book!  She is so proud.

 Clare with her completed book.  I love her creative drawings.  

 This is a close-up of Clare's book. 

 Here is Eva with our dinosaur sensory tub.  She said that she set up a "dinosaur family picture" and wanted me to take her picture with the dinosaurs.  Cute.

 Abby with her completed book.

 The sensory tub was getting kind of messy with the pot filler (grassy stuff) that we had in it, so on Thursday night we emptied everything out and gave the dinosaurs and rocks a wash.  The girls loved this activity.  Water + kids = FUN!


Clare with her completed dinosaur puzzle.

So the pictures that I have shown on this post are mainly just the awesome fun dinosaur stuff that we did this week.  But, we also did our math, language and science work from the unit study that we got FREE from Learning Page.  This is a great unit study and it really does cover all the basics.  We are still working on our geography unit study at the same time (I will tell more about that in a different post).  And they also did some work from their regular workbooks as well this week (my curriculum list will be coming soon).

Abby (who had a heart transplant in 2008) had a check-up at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada on Thursday this week and everything is looking really good for her.  So thankful for a great check-up and for the wonderful doctors that we have here.  Some of you may be curious about Abby's life journey and I am working on getting a few posts together on our family, why we decided to homeschool, Abby's heart journey and more.  I am new to blogging and haven't figured everything out yet, so keep checking back and thanks for reading!


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  1. What a great dinosaur unit study! My 4.5 year old would love to spend a week studying the great dinosaur! Your girls are so cute!!
    Happy weekend!